Tangana Textiles

Producing fabrics that bring your vision to life

From GMO-free cotton, through mixed compositions, to recycled polyester-based products - our fabrics are the perfect canvas for your brand's casual apparel, athleisure, high fashion collections or even lingerie.


Tangana Textiles is a European producer and your wholesale source of eco-friendly cotton and polyknitted fabrics, as well fine blank garments that are perfect for imprints. We've mastered the art of modifying conventional fabrics, so they can seamlessly undergo any imprint operation.

Whether you're a private label, a premium retailer, a chain store, or a creative marketing agency, we cater to a wide range of clients across Europe and North America.

Our team has been gaining experience in the textile market for over 35 years. We manufacture our products to the highest standards in Poland and Turkey, where we keep close control over the whole process. As our business has grown over the years, we've also opened a Tangana Textiles branch office in Canada, so we can better serve our North American customers.

Go ahead, pour your ideas onto our fabrics and watch them come to life.

Sustainability woven into every thread

At Tangana Textiles we believe that sustainability never goes out of style. We’re all about reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our impact on the local community. That’s why our fabrics and garments are sustainably produced and GMO-free. We also care about the well-being of workers involved in our supply chains, so we ensure safe and fair working conditions.

Our commitment to social issues and the use of eco-textiles is confirmed by the industry-leading GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. You can trust that our products are good both for your business and the planet ‒ they will meet your customers’ quality standards and reflect your brand’s eco-conscious values.