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Tangana Textiles Printing

Create your apparel with fabrics that feel on your skin as good as they look. At Tangana Textiles, we produce fabrics that seamlessly marry top-notch quality with sustainability, at the same time being the perfect canvas for your apparel ideas. Our cotton and poly-cotton knitted fabrics are primed and ready for digital or sublimation prints, as well as direct-to-film (DTF) and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing.

Oh, and have we mentioned that our cotton is GMO-free and our textiles hold the industry's most prestigious certifications: GOTS and Cradle2Cradle? While the sublimation process requires a synthetic component within the fabric, all of our polyester-based fabrics are at least partially recycled, and our mesh fabrics are entirely produced from recycled polyester.

Innovative fabrics for apparel: Natural to the skin. Creative prints. Premium quality.

Tired of sublimation fabrics that don't feel natural on the skin? As cotton cannot undergo sublimation, at Tangana Textiles we've created fabrics that address this issue by combining the best of both cotton and polyester. The external surface is made from recycled polyester, providing excellent sublimation capabilities. The next-to-skin layer is made from soft cotton, giving the wearer a cozy and natural feel. This unique combination makes it easy to achieve the print quality you desire, without worrying about ink migration between the two different materials. So you can unleash your apparel brand's creativity without compromising comfort or sustainability.